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Apartment in Paguera - Cala Fornells

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Welcome to your experts on holiday homes in Mallorca!


The vacation apartments, holiday homes, fincas and villas that we offer in Mallorca are carefully selected by our local partners, who have accumulated over twenty years of lettings experience and expertise specific to holiday accommodation units and services offered to holidaymakers in Mallorca. Furthermore, all holiday accommodation units are regularly checked in terms of their condition and amenities.

We are focused upon ensuring that you, as our guest in Mallorca, can relax and enjoy this very special time. If, however, a particular aspect of your stay should fail to be to your complete satisfaction, you may utilise our responsive and efficient on-site complaints management system to address the situation.


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Apartment in Paguera - Cala Fornells

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Apartment in Paguera

A lovely refuge set in the centre of Paguera, this attractive holiday apartment lies just 700 m from beautiful sandy beaches. Set on the grounds of a villa, the property is designed for outside living ... Details

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Mallorca - the established constant


When it comes to choosing the right place for a summer vacation at the gates to Europe, the first place which comes to one´s mind is the island of Mallorca.
Situated approximately 200 kilometers south of the city of Barcelona in the Mediterranean Sea this island with its 3,640.11 square kilometers has been one of the most favorite destinations in the tourism branch for more than 30 years.

The number of 6 million visitors in the year of 2010 speaks for itself. But what is it that attracts 6 million holiday makers to spend their holidays in farmhouses and villas in Mallorca?
An essential reason is Mallorca´s Mediterranean climate which provides temperatures up to 32 °C during summertime and down to some mild 15 °C during winter. 23 beaches are wrapped around the entire island, every place whether city or town are connected by Mallorca´s advanced infrastructure. Apart from endless sand beaches the island´s interior equally presents itself culturally valuable. Plenty of nature reserves with different bird species, drip-stone caves, historical and land-marked abbeys, horse farms, olive plantations and famous pearl manufacturers are waiting to be discovered.


Long history of tourism in Mallorca

Since the 1950ies Mallorca has developed the capability of answering the expectations of all types and ages of tourists. The island´s capital “Palma de Mallorca” is the central melting pot situated in the south west. The city never really sleeps and illustrates Mallorca´s different facets of art, history, nightlife, shopping facilities, culture and gastronomy. The historical town in symbiosis with modern buildings and the great impressive port, form an unique place.

When it comes to choosing a suitable holiday home it does not have to be an ordinary hotel. Have it your way! Stay individual and independent by renting apartments together. Come and go whenever you like, save money on your finca or farmhouse and meet new people. As parents, people usually try to avoid stress for their children – enjoy the harmony of feeling at home when staying at your own holiday home – an ideal way for families to spend their time together.


Different types of accomodation in Mallorca

Mallorca offers a variety of holiday homes and apartments and the quality is always assured. Benefit from the price performance ratio in this segment. Why not experiencing the typical Mediterranean way of life by staying in a Spanish finca? Enjoy Spanish architecture with spacious rooms and a terrace where you and your family can take a break from everyday life. Ideal to enjoy a glass of vine during sunset or simply letting your children play in the garden of the finca. If you expect more from your holiday home than only staying overnight, a farmhouse might be an extraordinary choice for you. Experience life in harmony with nature and animals. Instead of having a rental care, why not taking out the horse for a ride? Endless land at your hands – combine country life and beach holiday at your own farmhouse with private swimming-pool. Always put emphasis on a luxurious and high-class lifestyle? If you consider privacy and individualism essential, you do not have to spend your vacation without them! A villa from classy to fancy will welcome you to a new day in paradise and will certainly make your vacation exceedingly unforgettable. Enjoy royal and magnificent spots all over and have your own pool in the villa.