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Traffic rules Majorca



We want you as our guest in one of our apartments, holiday houses, luxury villas or cottages to enjoy a brilliant vacation in Majorca - right after your arrival at the airport of Palma de Majorca until your departure.

If you have booked a rental car for the duration of your holidays, used for trips to your holiday home or for excursions during your stay in Majorca, it is advisable to become familiar with some features and traffic rules in order to avoid opportunities for the Spanish traffic police to reduce your holiday budget.


In Majorca you should strictly adhere to the following speed limits:

  • max. 50 km / h in built-up areas

  • max. 90 km / h on country roads

  • max. 100 km / h on clearways

  • max. 120 km / h on motorways


Please always remember that speed measurements are especially carried out during peak travel times such as Easter and during the months July to September.


Non-signposted "no passing"


A general "no passing" applies if you can see the road at a distance of less than 200 meters and 100 meters from road crests.


Towing prohibited!


In Spain individuals generally must not tow stranded vehicles. You are required to call a towing company.


One-way streets


Often one-way streets are not signposted by the familiar blue and white sign like in Germany, but by a "prohibited entry" sign (white bar on a red background). So please pay special attention to these signs.


Parking in Palma de Majorca


We advise you to always use one of the many parking garages in Palma. Just save you the time- and nerve-consuming search of a free parking lot, where you still run the risk of getting parked up.

Outside parking garages, parking is allowed only at the blue-colored curbside. There however you also need a parking ticket and parking time is limited.

Please be aware that compliance with parking regulations is controlled almost excessively.


Other traffic regulations


In Majorca, no difference to Germany, the 0.5 blood alcohol limit, seat belt use and the obligation to have a safety vest on board apply. Please do not forget to check the presence of the vest in your rental car.


Tramuntana mountains


We recommend a trip by car on the serpentines of the Serra de Tramuntana - especially the Sa Calobra serpentine roads (see pictures), only to drivers with sufficient driving experience.