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Blick von der Terrasse auf die Bucht Cala Llamp


Enjoy sunny views in a holiday apartment in Mallorca

The Spanish island is very popular with many tourists throughout the year. Do you want to spend the next holiday in Mallorca? Then you need an accommodation which allows you to travel short to every attraction. You can obtain an apartment for example directly in Palma de Mallorca. There you will find lots of beaches for your vacation and you will have a beautiful view over the sea from your own terrace. So you can spend your holiday in the apartment undisturbed and in peace. Away from the touristic hustle and noise in the hotels you can rest and enjoy the pleasant evenings.


We also offer apartments in Cala Fornelis. That is a part of the famous and popular area of Paguera. There you will also have a beautiful view to the open sea and the scenic Plaza of Aldea. Many of our listing objects on the island Mallorca have a sunny terrace where you may enjoy the warm evening with a good glass of wine. It is as possible as a sun bath or a romantic evening. And if the sun is to hot for you, the sea is just about 50 meters away from your apartment. So you can get into the blue sea or the beautiful pool with a sunny terrace.


You can find a beautiful apartment everywhere on the island. There you will always enjoy luxurious amenities, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Here you can take your breakfast anytime you want. It is not like a hotel, where you depend on special mealtimes. It is your apartment, just for you the whole trip and your well being. Our apartments offer you a lot of comfort and they are available for rent in different sizes. We offer the right apartment, if it is for a holiday by two in Cala Vornelis or the whole family. Please inform yourself about special locations and object, so we can offer you something special at fair conditions. Almost all our objects have no long way to one or another attraction of Mallorca.


We recommend taking a car service on the island, to move freely to the different attractions. You can participate on different guided tours through Mallorcan towns or explore the island of the sun. Depending on the date when you start your journey, you share the exploration with more or less other tourists. But it doesn’t matter when you arrive in your apartment, there you just relax and don’t think about the hustle and noise of the other tourists.